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Diet of wolves in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland: Wojciech Śmietana & Agata Klimek. (1993)

Lobo de Polonia en cautividad (La Maison des Loups)
"The diet of wolves Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 was studied from October 1989 to November 1992 in the Bieszczady Mountains, southeastern Poland. A total of 221 wolf scats were collected and analyzed to determine the prey species consumed by wolves in each season. Cervids (red and roe deer) obviously predominated in wolf diet and consisted from 65% of winter biomass to 96% of summer biomass consumed. The red deer made up approximately 95% and roe deer only 5% of total cervid biomass consumed. During summer deer fawns made up 28% of total cervid biomass consumed. The wild boar constituted more significant food only during winter - 17% of biomass eaten. Among wild boars, piglets were selected and made up 66% of total wild boar biomass consumed during winter. Domestic livestock represented more significant food in winter (16% of biomass eaten) and was consumed as carrion laid out by hunters to bait wolves. Other food categories as hares, voles and insectivores played a negligible part in the wolf diet. Spring, summer and autumn diet were little diversified. Only winter diet differed significantly from other seasons for the presence of wild boar and cervids."

Wojciech Śmietana & Agata Klimek: Diet of wolves in the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland. (Acta Theriologica 38 (3): 245 - 251, 1993) (Documento de )

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